Nepali Loksewa Exam Preparation App – LokSewa Tayari – लोकसेवा तयारी

This LokSewa Tayari app is made by Shree Ganesh App Creator. LokSewa Tayari App helps you prepare for different levels of LokSewa exams.In this App you can find all the content you need for Loksewa preparation. And in this app you can also find daily questions answer . You can also get Gorkhapatra weekly. LokSewa Tayari has the largest collection of questions which you can practice from anywhere on your mobile phone.

Using this Loksewa Preparation Mobile App you will find various general knowledge information,
advertisement published from Loksewa Nepal, Courses, approved listings, information about Loksewa, exam center and
total score information. Files once downloaded in the App can also be read offline.

You can see other features of LokSewa Tayari app.
1) GK Question Bank.
2)Get Gorkhapatra Questions published on every week.
3) Up to date notices from Lok Sewa Aayog.
4) Syllabus of various government related subjects
5) loksewa result

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